Master's in Sport Science

At master's level, Sport Science can be studied at the Institute of Sport Science as a a major or a minor. Bern's master's degree program in Sport Science offers bachelors of Sport Science the opportunity studying the social and behavioral aspects of Sport Science in greater depth, with Sport Science being understood as an interdisciplinary subject.

The master's in Sport Science enables students to extend their knowledge with the following special qualifications: Health Promotion, Sport Management and Teaching & Learning. The integrated teaching concept covers topics including Sport Psychology, Sport Pedagogy, Sport Sociology, Sport Economics and Movement Science, as well as Research Methods. The standard duration of study is usually 4 semesters. The consecutive master's program in Sport Science is a joint master's with a master's thesis, which, together with the second subject, affords students with various profile development opportunities.
Sport Science can also be studied as a minor master's (30 ECTS credits).
Admission requirements for the MSc degree program can be found in the FAQs.

Basic information
Degree: Master of Science in Sport Science, Universität Bern
Number of credits: 120 ECTS credits
Degree programs:
  • Major 90 ECTS credits

Offer for other degree programs:

  • Minor 30 ECTS credits
Combination possibilities: several
Duration: 4 semesters
Language: German
Beginning studies: Fall or spring semester

In the Sport Science master's study program, students address issues in depth regarding the phenomenon of sport, specifically from a social and behavioral scientific perspective. In-depth courses on sport science and research methods provide the requisite knowledge for dealing with complex issues relating to sport. The compulsory options enable students to construct their own individual education profile by means of selected seminar courses that build upon the in-depth sport science courses. The free options also enable students to integrate vocationally oriented and sport science skills.

The master's degree program in Sport Science consists of a major worth 90 ECTS credits and a minor worth 30 ECTS credits.

Any minor taught in a sufficient scope at the University of Bern can be chosen as a major. However, students are not permitted to have a major and minor in the same branch of study.

Study program structures
Major ECTS  Minor ECTS 
90 30

The minor in Administrative Science (30 ECTS) can only be taken by master students majoring in Political Science or Sport Science at the University of Bern.

Available minors
Minors you may choose.

Individual academic requirements

The following academic qualification is required for admission to the master’s degree program in Sport Science (major):

  Bachelor's degree from a recognized university, or an equivalent degree, with a major in the branch of studies Human Movement and Sport Sciences *
    * Application with a bachelor's degree from a recognized foreign university:
Academic qualifications will be assessed to ensure that they are consistent with the University of Bern bachelor's degree. 

Additional attainments of up to 60 ECTS credits may be required. These can either be admission requirements which must be fulfilled in order to complete the master's degree program or admission requirements which must be fulfilled before admission to the master's degree program. The ECTS credits will be listed separately in the diploma supplement as extracurricular attainments.

Please consult the admission requirements for the minor as presented in the plan of studies.

The bachelor's degree is valid for five years without restriction. Recognition will be individually decided upon if the degree is more than five years old.

 For questions regarding application and admission, please contact the Admissions Office.

Current UniBE students

Apply for a change to the M Sc in Sport Science, Universität Bern by self-service as part of the re-registration for the next semester.
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Application with a Swiss degree

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Application with an international degree

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For questions regarding application and admission, please contact the Admissions Office.

The master's study program in Sport Science is not a vocational qualification. However, its interdisciplinary orientation provides excellent opportunities for teaching and managing sport, as well as research.

During the master's degree program, students may obtain academic credentials at the PHBern for the teaching diploma for secondary level II, enabling them to gain the necessary training for subsequent employment as a teacher of Sport in a secondary school or college.

Subsequent to the master's program, suitably qualified master's graduates may continue to study Sport Science at doctoral level.