Master thesis

The master thesis is usually written in a selected main area (or in the main/in-depth area). With the supervisor's agreement, it can be written jointly by several students. It must be submitted within 12 months of the topic being allocated. This term can be extended by a maximum of three months, if significant justification is provided. If the thesis is not submitted on time, it is deemed not to have been completed. Where performance is unsatisfactory, a new topic is agreed.

The master's grade is calculated as follows:

  • The grade for the master program (the average of the weighted grades of all performance assessments) has a 60% weighting,  
  • the grade for the master thesis has a 40% weighting

Master reports

The Institute has developed a criteria catalog for the master's reports, which can be used by supervisors and which serves to standardize the procedure. We recommend usage of this tool. The supervisor is free to choose the form the report should take. The document is also available here for students to consult.